Kelley’s Personal Training Testimonials

“I would recommend Kelley without reservation”

“Kelley is a truly excellent personal trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough (Kelley, you are KILLING me!) and warm (you are doing SO well; don’t give up!) and she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts I am in better shape than I have been in years. I had my second child only 5 months ago and seriously doubted my ability – something Kelley never has! I would recommend Kelley without reservation. ”

Kellie S

“In short, she’s a godsend for all women out there!!”

“I can only thank Kelley and recommend her personal training sessions. After having a baby, she has not only helped get back in my jeans but also, my body is leaner stronger and I feel fitter than I did before I became pregnant. She has kept my sessions interesting and has all the up to date knowledge to kick me into shape with what seems less effort and time.

To any other women out there who are thinking about hiring Kelley, she is great because she understands a woman’s body and the best way to tighten and tone it up. I’ve spent a fortune with male trainers and although I became fitter I didn’t have the long lean body I craved (am still working at it!). In short, she’s a godsend for all women out there!! ”

Sharon B

“She’s is a brilliant motivator”

“Kelley is fab! I really feel like I’m getting my body back in shape, several months after having my second baby. The sessions are great fun and she’s even able to entertain the baby while I jump around! She’s is a brilliant motivator.”

Suzanne B

“It really helps that her sessions are fast paced, varied and fun”

“Personal training sessions with Kelley have helped my metabolism fire up through a variety of training styles and have allowed me to achieve a level of fitness that I haven’t felt since my early twenties. I found it very difficult in the beginning to find the motivation to get into exercise, especially with a post pregnancy body, and sluggish metabolism. It really helps that her sessions are fast paced, varied and fun and they leave me looking forward to the next one. And of course, after some perseverance you start to see those results which is all the motivation you need to keep it up!

The great thing about the training sessions is that they are tailored around my individual requirements – I needed to work hardest on my thighs, abdomen and bottom but at the same time giving the rest of my body a good work out too. Throughout the sessions we have identified other weak areas in my body such as balance and Kelley is helping me to readdress this so that I can exercise even more efficiently. We also routinely monitor my diet to ensure that I am keeping to a healthy eating plan that is both realistic and works with the type of exercise that I am doing so now I have a much better understanding of nutrition and its effects on the body. I’m really pleased with what we have achieved and I continue to have a session each week to supplement my other activities because it is so much fun and has the greatest effect. Kelley’s a great girl too!”

Sasha O