Private Facilities

Group Training Studio

Group Training Studio Stamford

We have two fitness rooms at our facility: a Group Training Studio and a Free Weights Studio. Both rooms are private. Unlike many gyms, you will not find the environment intimidating in any way and you can be assured of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Stamford Personal Fitness studio is well equipped with a wide variety of fitness equipment and the training emphasis is on functionality. People were born to move freely and by exploring all planes of movement we help our clients to build a healthier body that develops the strength and stamina necessary to aid longevity and function more effectively in daily life.

Free Weights Studio

Free Weights Studio Stamford

We pride ourselves in educating our clients about the importance of achieving optimal nutrition, because however hard you train, you cannot out-train a bad diet. Along with adherence to a structured training regime, good nutrition contributes to around 80% of the success of health and fitness which is one of the key reasons why we encourage people to embrace of our holistic wellbeing philosophy.

A lot people fail to get the results they deserve from their training. This frequently occurs in gyms where the majority of clients are left to their own devices, only to lose motivation within a matter of months and waste their hard earned money. We work tirelessly to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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