Our Story

Stamford Personal Fitness was founded in 2009 by me –  Rob Dulieu.

Back in 2008 after many years of corporate life, my health had begun to deteriorate rapidly. I had become obese and reached a stage where life had lost all meaning; I knew that I needed to change things radically.
Being 49 years of age this was a scary prospect but after a lot of soul searching my longstanding passion for health and wellbeing came to the fore. My life seemed to have been plagued by a series of difficult challenges; it felt like one long emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs and twists and turn. Aside of the decades of fitness training and study of nutrition, I also believed I could utilise my life experience to help motivate and nurture others.

So, in 2009 I decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer, going down to Windsor to study full time. It took me no more than a couple of days to realise I had made one of the best decisions of my life. This was my last shot at a fulfilling and rewarding career and I left no stone unturned in my quest to make pave the way toward a happier and more successful future.

I returned to Stamford as a fully qualified Personal Trainer and began training clients locally, offering a mobile service. It didn’t take long to build up a healthy book of satisfied clients. Not only was I helping them to improve their health and wellbeing, but also changing myself for the better too. Courtesy of my own transformation, I had become a beacon of positivity and confidence: the polar opposite of what I had become in the corporate world.

However, as much as I loved my new career as a Personal Trainer, I wanted to reach out and support greater numbers of people. So, in 2010, I took another leap of faith and launched Stamford Boot Camp: group fitness classes with a difference.

This became a defining year for me personally. My wife Mandy had been fighting a long and arduous battle with cancer and realising I had a talent for the Plank exercise, I saw an opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research, while achieving my childhood dream of becoming a Guinness World Record Holder.

Guinness World Record Holder

Image: Rob hugging his late wife (Mandy) just after breaking the plank world record.

Inspired by Mandy’s bravery, on December 4th 2010 – my Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary – I simultaneously accomplished both goals. The gruelling road to triumph was the catalyst for developing my holistic philosophy of integrating the mind, body, soul and nutrition: the four cornerstones of optimal health and wellbeing.

Thereafter, life moved at a pace and in 2012 I based my business or “Boot Camp HQ” as it became affectionately known at a local facility. Having this base allowed me to significantly expand my Boot Camp timetable.

That same year I also launched my renowned online Accelerated Fat Loss Programme: a nutritional blueprint for life which has successfully improved the health of so many of our clients. Today this goes under the name of ‘Beach Fit’.

In 2013, I was introduced to Carole Hughes, founder of Anna’s Hope: the East of England’s premier charity for children and young adults with brain tumours. After sharing my account of Mandy’s battle with cancer, Carole reciprocated with the heart-rending story of her young daughter touched me so deeply that I felt compelled to help her charity. Since the day Carole walked into my studio, Stamford Boot Camp clients, their friends and families, and our Facebook ‘Boot fans’ have collectively raised many thousands of pounds for Anna’s Hope; we are very passionate about helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Great Eastern Run

Image: Great Eastern Run team picture.

Our rapidly growing Facebook fan base – made up from people of every continent – not only follow weekly motivational quotes, fitness and nutritional tips and healthy recipes, but also in-depth posts about self-esteem – a key component of any successful personal transformation.

Sadly, in 2014, my wife Mandy passed away after an inspirational 10 year battle against cancer. Without her love and support, my career dedicated to enriching the lives of others, would never have happened. Her selfless sacrifices make me even more determined to ensure that her legacy will live on and I sincerely hope that you will benefit from what she helped me to create.

Rob Dulieu.