Beach Body

DROP a clothes size in just 21 days with our Accelerated Fat Loss Program. No crazy fads, just fantastic results.

Are you one of those people who has tried every crazy diet fad only to rebound and become bigger than ever before: a serial yo-yo dieter?!

Like most people in your situation, you’re probably fed up with looking in the mirror and hating what you see. The chances are that you would like to lose some excess fat, have lots more energy and wear clothes that make you look and feel great – am I right? If so, this programme is perfect for YOU!

If you’re unhappy about your body shape and want to learn why most people cannot successfully manage their weight, or you’d like to understand why so many people shrink on a diet, only to end up bigger than when they started, my programme will provide you with all the answers you need.

Featuring the most contemporary nutritional science, my Accelerated Fat Loss Program can lead you to enjoy a healthier, happier life – QUICKLY!

My holistic approach to achieving rude health and an aesthetically pleasing body transcends the archaic fat loss club methodologies by helping you to appreciate why your previous efforts to transform failed and shows you how to get the results you so richly deserve.

The basis of the program is that I arm you with all the tools and knowledge you need to help to attain rapid fat loss, while making sustainable changes to your nutrition that will help you to break the bad nutritional habits of a lifetime.

Not that long ago I was obese myself, weighing in at over 16 stones. I seemed to be forever ill and had little or no energy. Back then I used to train every bit as hard as I do now – perhaps even harder – but my ability to recover was poor and I felt lethargic, even after I had exercised.

In short, I didn’t get the results I wanted. In hindsight, when I look back at the photo to the left, I tried to convince myself I was in decent shape, but in reality I was just in denial.

Since adopting the principals of my program I have shed over 4 stones of fat and became a Guinness World Record holder at the age of 51; living proof that optimal nutrition plays a huge role in achieving optimal performance.

What you get for your investment

A large stack of the world’s finest natural and organic health products and my Program e-books which include…

  • The science behind my nutritional philosophy
  • How to control your portion sizes
  • My 21 day meal planner
  • Lots of healthy and delicious recipe ideas

If you’d like to know even more about my Accelerated Fat Loss Program and how to start you journey to attaining a beach body, please get in touch >>