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Achieve the best possible results by combining the Boot Camp sessions with our renowned Accelerated Fat Loss Nutritional Program.

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Happy clients

We are never happy unless our clients are happy too, but thankfully our client retention is exceptionally high. So what is the magic formula? Click on the links below to see why so many of our clients return again and again......

Boot Camp testimonials

There is a mix of ages, sexes, fitness levels and personalities – best of all there are no mirrors and no-one cares what you look like” “The positive vibes and Rob’s enthusiasm just blew me away!” “Everyone should try Stamford Boot Camp!!
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Accelerated Fat Loss testimonials

I really couldn’t thank Rob enough for introducing me to this program - it has changed my life!
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Personal Training testimonials

I can honestly say that Martin is the most effective and professional trainer I have worked with

I would recommend Kelly without reservation

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Stamford Personal Fitness Studio

Stamford Personal Fitness Studio

Located right in the very heart of historic Stamford (Lincs), Stamford Personal Fitness Studio is the town’s newest dedicated Personal Fitness facility with ample parking in the nearby Bath Row car park.

Stamford Personal Fitness Studio is not a gym because every workout performed here is under the supervision of a qualified instructor so whether you participate in a Boot Camp class or Personal Training session you can be confident that you are performing exercise correctly and getting the most from your hard work.

‘Everything we do carries that personal touch. You will not find our programs in any other fitness establishment in the country because they are unique, they are fun, and they are full of variety. Most importantly they work!'

Group Training Studio Peterborough and Stamford

Group Training Studio

There are two fitness rooms in our facility: the Group Training Studio and Free Weights Studio. Both rooms are private so you will not find the environment intimidating in any way and can be assured of a very welcoming atmosphere.

The studio is well equipped with a great variety of fitness equipment and the training emphasis is on functionality. 'We were born to move freely and by exploring all three planes of movement we can help our clients to build a much healthier body that develops the strength and stamina necessary to aid longevity and function better in daily life'.

Free Weights Studio Peterborough and Stamford

Free Weights Studio

At Stamford Personal Fitness Studio we pride ourselves on educating our clients about the important of achieving optimal nutrition because you simply cannot out-train a bad diet - good nutrition is around 80% of the success of health and fitness. So many people train really hard but continually fail to get the results they are looking for, only to give up a healthy regime within a matter of months. We work really hard to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for good?

‘Very few people can achieve their weight loss goals on their own. Most people need a network of support and our role is to be at the very heart of that network. Whether you wish to join one of our popular Boot Camp groups or choose to hire us for one-to-one Personal Training, or book onto our hugely successful Accelerated Fat Loss Program, the aim is to educate you, motivate you, and generally mentor your progress toward achieving the body of your dreams and allow you to enjoy life to the full’.

Whatever your goal, we will be there to help you to achieve it

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Want to lead a healthier, more active life?
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Personal trainer Peterborough Rob Dulieu
NEW Stamford Boot Camp Promo video with testimonials for trainer and boot camp leader Rob Dulieu

NEW Stamford Boot Camp promo video
Get the insight into why Rob's boot camp is a success for anyone who wants to lose weight and get fitter! Boot Camp is the real deal!

NEW Stamford Boot Camp in depth video with trainer and boot camp leader Rob Dulieu

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Boot Camp


World record Plank event broken dec 2011 by  Lincolnshire personal trainer and boot camp leader Rob Dulieu

NEW World Record Video Documentary
On the 4th Dec 2010 Rob set a new world record for the Plank Event and this is his story on how he achieved it...

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