Apart from attaining a great physique, what’s the one thing everyone who wants to get fit and healthy wishes they had? You guessed it – MOTIVATION!

Well, at Stamford Personal Fitness we dedicate ourselves to providing first class motivation in every session we conduct, because all our training sessions are supervised; that is one of our major points of difference over most other fitness establishments.

Another difference is that we adopt a holistic approach to health and fitness. We focus on the mind, body, soul and nutrition. You see, the service we offer is more than just a fitness experience – it’s a lifestyle!

Whether you participate in Boot Camp classes or Personal Training sessions, you can be confident that you will learn how to perform exercises correctly and achieve the best possible results from your training, having been inspired and enthused every single time you train with us.

Each session we conduct has that personal touch. We don’t subscribe to fitness franchises, but instead, we design all our training programmes ourselves. Because of this, our workouts are unique, fun, exciting and packed with variety – we guarantee you will never be bored!

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Whatever your fitness requirement is, we have the perfect programme for you. Our classes are safe, fun and there is something for everyone!


Boot Camp

Enjoy added motivation with our unique Boot Camp team spirit!

Stamford Boot Camp offers group classes that cater for all levels of ability. Contingencies are written to allow a broad spectrum of people to participate together: beginners, intermediates and advanced.

If you are a sociable person who is looking to integrate a sustainable fitness regime into your lifestyle and you enjoy making new friends, then Stamford Boot Camp classes are definitely for you.

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Personal Fitness

Achieve your personal fitness goals with our holistic training.

Stamford Personal Fitness also offers bespoke one-to-one sessions incorporating private one hour fitness sessions, nutritional advice and home fitness programmes.

If you prefer a dedicated one-to-one service, have a very erratic schedule, or you are recovering from an acute condition or injury, this service may appeal to you most.

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Beach Body

Drop a clothes size in just 21 days. No Fads, just results.

Rob Dulieu’s renowned nutritional programme can help people to shed excess weight safely in just 21 days. But it is not a diet. The Beach Body Programme offers a blueprint for life that elevates health and wellbeing to the top of the agenda.

This programme has a phenomenal success rate because it helps people to understand why diets don’t work, what stops them from shedding unwanted fat and why our nation is blighted by an epidemic of poor health.

If you’re looking for the best results from your training, the Beach Body Programme is the perfect complement to it.

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Read what my happy campers think about Stamford Boot Camp...

“Bottom line: head and shoulders above any other trainer I have had.”

“I have worked with several personal trainers over the years in Australia, and have found them helpful for improving and maintaining my health and fitness. I really didn’t expect to…”

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“Just by talking to him on the telephone for 10-15mins I was given masses of encouragement”

“As a 30 something lady with 2 young children I have always managed to find time to work-out and over the years, I have become…”

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“He is a master of his craft and makes you feel special”

“I worked with Rob for 12 weeks. The results I achieved to date are mainly due to his diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs and challenging, yet achievable goal…”

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